Ups and Downs

Two rejection letters this week – where I thought I had a reasonable shot.  As Virginia Greaves said on Facebook, it stings.  But look at the positive side.

MLG-104 Blue Angles alternative colorway
MLG-104 Blue Angles original  colorway

My new course, Electric Quilt 7: Master the Basics will be available for students starting on November 23 on QuiltEd Online. Thank you, Dena Dale Crain for accepting me as a faculty member.

And, I have two speaking engagements in 2016 with Rocky Mountain Creative Quilters (February) and the Colorado Quilting Council (October). Another date is in the works.  Even though the title of the talks are the same – Playing with Blocks, the presentations will be targeting the nature of the groups.  They will be different in emphasis, but start at the same point.  I will be talking about how to move forward from what ever point you are.

These are good things to celebrate.  And, considering the level of creativity and artistic skill in SAQA and the CO/UT/WY Regional SAQA, and the number of pieces submitted, I know (in my head) the rejections are not necessarily a rejection of my work.  They mean the pieces I submitted are not fitting into the vision the judges have for the shows.  However, the heart needs to heal a bit.  But I will try again.

So, I continue to move forward in my art quilts, and continue sharing my journey and creative vision with others, hoping to stimulate interest, inspiration and the desire to think outside the box (or block as it may be).  These are all good things.