Introducing EQ7: Master the Basics at QuiltEd Online

LogoThere is a new EQ course on the block (Now is it pieced or appliqué?). Seriously, Mary Louise Gerek presents Electric Quilt 7™: Master the Basics, now located on QuiltEd Online, an online school for patchwork quilters who think to step outside the box.

Electric Quilt 7™: Master the Basics enters EQ as the user does, through the workspaces where the design action happens. As the other resources of EQ are needed, I introduce them in a clear, understandable way with illustrations and exercises to enhance learning.

MLG-104 Blue Angles alternative colorway
MLG-104 Blue Angles original colorway

A more comprehensive course than most EQ introductory classes, students learn EasyDraw™, designing a quilt and printing the resources needed to start a quilt. Then move further, continuing on to learn the basics of PatchDraw™ to produce special pieced blocks as well as appliqué designs.

With an open enrollment platform, and continuing access to the course, students can work at their own pace. With input from the instructor they move through the course benefiting from personal learning styles, and are able to return to earlier lessons to review topics and exercises as needed.

EQ7_L3dElectric Quilt 7™: Master the Basics provides beginning computer-aided, quilt design students the opportunity to learn more about EQ7 in a single course, giving a better value with expanded content.

Be sure to take advantage of our introductory offer of 10% off the class through November 30.  With continuous enrollment and access, buy now and start the class when you have time.  See more at QuiltEd Online.