Starburst: One of My First Original Blocks

Starburst is based on one of the first original blocks I designed.  Working with EQ7,  I started playing with parts of more complex blocks.  I took a quarter of a design, moved some lines, eliminated others, and added a couple.  Once I started putting the blocks in a quilt, I then started rotating and mirroring the blocks.  This quilt shows my original variation in the center medallion.

When I made the initial quilt, I used a black background so the jewel tones of the batik would pop.  (I just realized I have never taken a picture of the original.  This is an image from EQ.)

Starburst MLG-107 in Black
Starburst MLG-107 in Black

I made the new lap quilt with an off-white background for a more Modern look.  The beautiful fabrics were supplied by Batik Textiles.

I am releasing the pattern for Starburst, available only on my website,

In the pattern, I have included three extra variations on the center medallion by rotating the Starburst Block.

I will be at the Genesee Valley QuiltFest in Rochester NY June 5-7, Booth 331.  Please visit me there.  Patterns and kits for Starburst, including the same Batik Textiles fabrics I used in the lap quilt,  will be available for sale.  I will also have kits for the medallion available with black background fabric.  My other patterns will also be available along with the inventive patterns of Julia Deal of S.E.W. Artistic.


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