More Than a Fiber Artist

When I am asked what I do, I first say that I am a Fiber Artist.  I know there are many discussions regarding the definition; whether or not to include quilt in the identification, or drop the “fiber” altogether.  However, I really feel my talent lies in my ability to use fiber as my medium of expression.  With fiber, basically fabric and thread with other embellishments added, I can make landscapes, abstracts, political statements, interpret photos and poems, and even music.  So, I not only define myself by my art, but by my medium.

However, in the last couple of months, I have come to realize that my other artistic medium is my computer.  I spent several years as an analyst/programmer.  I started in the days prior to tablets and smart phones.  My PC, yes, it really was an IBM AT Personal Computer (second generation IBM desktop computers),  state of the art in the mid 80s, served as a terminal for the mainframe in another building.  At that time, computing time and storage space cost real money that was charged to our projects.  Our data were stored on magnetic tapes that had to be loaded by a computer operator.  And programs had to run overnight for testing the syntax of the programming language:  24 hours to find out if you made a typo.  Obviously, this was the dark ages of computing.  There were no “apps” for that. . .

One of our goals was to create “elegant” programs; programs that accomplished the most computing using the least number of steps.  Elegant programming became an art in itself; breaking a process down to essential steps and creating the logic to make the process work while minimizing time and space.  Nested functions, putting functions within functions to perform several steps at one time, were the fun part of the process.  Art comes in many forms.

This has all come back to mind because I have spent the last year learning WordPress and Woo Commerce so I have total control over my website.  I retired so I would not have to learn another software language.  So much for best laid plans…..   At least I did not have to learn SQL, HTML, or other programming languages.  There is an app, or plug-in, or widget for that.  Love it!!

So, now, my patterns are available for purchase on my website.  I also plan to build my Fiber Art Gallery so those works can be purchased on-line as well.  The format for the shop is still basic.  I will add the embellishments, as you do when you are layering fabric, at a later time.  But now, I have the functionality I want.

Starburst  MLG-107
Starburst MLG-107

Please visit my shop to see all of my patterns, especially my new release, Starburst.  And, please post or pin this blog so others you know who might be interested in my quilts can see and purchase them.  Thank you.


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