Genesee Valley Quilt Club 2013 Show

I am thrilled for several reasons.  First, the quilt show is over.  I was the Registrar and the Quilt Exhibit Coordinator.  So, I was in charge of everything to do with the 643 quilts exhibited.  To see all of the quilts, go to:
Thank you to Beth Brandkamp for taking and posting all of the quilt pictures.

I do have to thank my first rate committee for their hard work to make the show go up and come down so smoothly.  They are wonderful women to work with.

Second, I received my first ribbon; 3rd place in art quilts from my peers – a committee of fellow quilters in the club.  I am very honored.  Especially, since it was a quilt that almost did not make the show!!!  It was a class project (taught by Judi Warren Blaydon) from last summer at Quilting by the Lake.  I finally finished it Sunday before the show.  It almost did not make it into the show.

The design is from a set of photos from Morocco printed in black and white, then made into a collage.  The top has been done since last July; it was the quilting I was struggling with.

Third, my published patterns have been picked up by two large distributors, Checker and Brewer.  This is very exciting.  I hope to have three more patterns done by the fall.  Will keep you posted!