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Revisiting Old Friends

I have not posted in a month.  Yes, it has been a busy month, but I also needed time to reflect on all that has happened. As an introvert, I need to take some quiet time to recover my energy from intense social interaction.  It also helps me see where and who I am. I visited Rochester earlier this month.  Seeing friends of many years was wonderful.  At the Genesee Valley QuiltFest, I saw someone else to hug about every half hour.  I loved being reminded of how Rochester was our home for 39 years; rich with relationships and memories. This was the first time I was staffing a vendor booth for a quilt show.

SEW Artistic/ML FibereArts Booth 2015 GVQF
SEW Artistic/ML FibereArts Booth 2015 GVQF

It was a great experience and I learned a lot.     The most important lesson I learned is that working a show is not the best activity for me.  I do much better teaching face to face. I am currently developing more lectures and classes based on my design work.  I love designing quilts and getting them translated into fabric.  I want to share that knowledge with others.  My next newsletter will be about the workshops that are available for quilt clubs or quilt shops.  I am looking forward to getting out of the studio to teach others how to move outside their comfort zone and try new methods, ideas, and designs.    As I do that, I look to share my design process with you on this blog. More to come…..