Off we go. . .

I have been quiet lately because we have been finalizing the details of our house in NY.  It is now under contract and we have about two and a half weeks to get packed and ready to go.

House in Rochester, NY
ML’s house







We have lived in the Finger Lakes region of NY state for 39 years, 23 in this house.  We also had a cottage on Seneca Lake for 22 years.  The view from our cottage was the inspiration for my “No Fracking” quilt.

No Fracking in My Backyard, 2011 $450
No Fracking in My Backyard, 2011







Moving to Colorado has been our dream for many years.  Now that it is coming true, there is the deep sadness of leaving a place where we have put down roots.  I will miss my knitting/spinning friends (we have been gathering and sharing for over 20 years) and my quilting friends deeply.  Luckily, technology has given use wonderful ways to stay in touch.

I will also miss the deep, rich green of the northeast.  But, sunshine and mountains call us west.  I will try and post during the move, but we have no house to move to at this point and that will be our priority (needless to say).