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Navigating New Paths to Creativity

New Class to be offered January through April


At The Presser Foot, Fort Collins, CO

1833 East Harmony #1A, Fort Collins

Exploring Artistic and Creative Quilting

Ottawa Ceiling
Ottawa Ceiling, 2011. Private Collection

with artist/designer Mary Louise Gerek

Six 3-hour sessions:   Saturdays, 1:00 to 4:00 pm:

January 27:         Introduction and Self Assessment

February 10:       Materials, Tools and Construction Techniques

February 24:       Elements of Design

March 10:            Principles of Design

March 24:            Composition – Putting it all Together

April 14:                The Big Reveal: Sharing Final Projects (at whatever stage…)

Explore Artistic and Creative Quilting  is a course in personal discovery guided by Mary Louise Gerek.  In six sessions, students will explore their own creative interests, learn about new techniques, materials and tools, and start to approach the creative process from an artist’s perspective.  The focus will be on inspiration, experimentation, and moving out of a personal comfort zone into a new creative space. 

In the Spotlight 2015 Original photo by Timothy J. Fuss

There will be no sewing in class, but it will be included in some of the homework assignments.  Mary Louise will present concepts and show illustrations on-line.   A class will consist of reviewing the previous session’s homework, presenting new material and handing out assignments for the next class.  All students will be expected to attend each session and do homework assignments as possible.  Discussion about the homework and the students’ experiences with creativity is a crucial part of the learning process.  Photos  or examples associated with each class represent a suggestion of the assignment for that class.  Each student will be working on their own to create pieces for each assignment.  Class price:  $220.

To join Mary Louise and your fellow students in exploring the world of artistic quilting, call the Presser Foot in Fort Collins at 970-484-1094


Class Description at the Presser Foot

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Navigating New Paths to Creativity