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Snow Dyeing to Break in the New Wet Studio

First Dye Day
First Dye Day

Started yesterday using up a little snow from our driveway.  With my friend Margaret – we set out to break in the new wet studio.  Margaret brought over her collection of dyes and we got to work.

I got the instructions for the dyeing from the ProChem website.  Easy to follow, and as you see, worked well.

This morning the snow had melted.  I got to work rinsing and washing.

Snow Melted
Snow Melted







Very pleased with the results.  I over dyed some dogs from a previous snow session and am very pleased with the results.  The bright blue did a great job toning down the red.

Over cyeing
Over dyeing







Here is a close up of the mostly blue piece:

Close up of Favorite
Close up of Favorite







I also mixed some Jade Green and Turquoise.

Jade Green and Turquois
Jade Green and Turquoise

It turned out very subtle.

Margaret dyed some fabric for pillowcases and a tee-shirt.  No reveal until she sees them.

I am using the drained dye to work some more magic with some low immersion dyeing.  We will see how it turns out tomorrow.



Thank you DH for sealing the floor and finishing the room.  It is perfect!!

Meanwhile,  have a great new year.  Try something new – something you have never done before.  Bottom line…