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Use It or Loose It

That is what they (whoever they are) say about exercise and muscles – but it also applies to the brain.  I took Spanish in college – can I remember any when I go to Mexico for vacation??????

Mexican Beach






Working in Electric Quilt 7™ is the same.  If I do not practice and use it, I forget how I did that one thing…  So many folks have approached me to say “I have EQ, but never use it.  I forget how.”

So, I have decided to start an EQ Club.  We will meet the 4th Friday of the month from 10 am to Noon in Fort Collins, CO.  Find details at ML FiberArts.com.

My vision is to have each attendee share their experience and ask questions.  Others there may know the answer, I may know the answer.  But the plan is to learn from each other under my facilitation.

For those who cannot physically attend the EQ Club Meetings, there is the online class Electric Quilt 7™: Master the Basics found at QuiltEd Online.  This class can serve as an introduction, or as a refresher course in the basics, and a little beyond.

Starburst MLG-107 in Black
Starburst MLG-107 in Black


Here is one of the first designs I did in EQ.  I have had fun making different variations I found while manipulating the blocks.




So, please join me one way or another in working with EQ.  Whether you are a beginner, or have a little mileage on the program, we can all learn from each other while creating our own designs.  To me, that sounds like great fun!!