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My, How Time Flies

We have sold our house in the Finger Lakes Region of NY and are now in Northern Colorado waiting to buy a house.  We are in the paperwork stage.  Waiting for the next step is always a challenge.

I love Colorado.100_0899  This is actually a picture from the Tetons in Wyoming.  Our Colorado pictures are on the camera (which is off hiking with DH at this point) and the backup disk drive (packed).   But this gives you the idea of what we love.  If you visit the website of the Rocky Mountain National Park, you will see the mountains as they are about 1 hour from here.


We hope to have a house in about 3 weeks.  Then the unpacking starts.  Now, if I can’t find anything, the excuse is that it is packed.  I will be losing that excuse soon.  However, the new house has wonderful room for a studio and a separate room to dye in.  Those posts will be fun!!  Also, getting the sewing machine back up and running will be great.  I am missing her badly.