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Politics and Art

It has been a busy month. Time to get back to taking about it. I finished two quilts in the past month.

The first quilt I finished is “No Fracking in My Backyard.” 

Hydraulic fracturing, or hydro-fracking, is a method of extracting natural gas out of shale with water containing dangerous chemicals.  The process pollutes the waters and fractures the bedrock, while above ground the diesel equipment pollutes the air.  Fracking should not be allowed to happen in New York State.

This quilt was on display at Greentopia, September 18 adn 19, 2011 in the Sierra Club booth.  Look for it in other venues.
The second quilt was inspired by our visit to Ottawa in 2008. We had a wonderful time exploring the government buildings, the museums, and the market area. What a great town to visit!!

The National Gallery of Modern Art in Ottawa is an amazing building.

The ceiling had fabric sails that give the impression of sailing through the sky.
I designed a block and entered it into EQ6.  I then played with orientation.  The sails have an extra layer of batting and are made from a textured, shinny poly.  There was no silk with the texture I found in the poly.  With the four square design, I then planned to add two borders.  However, once I saw the four squares together on the design board, I realized that no more was needed.  I faced the edge and it is now in residence at my brother’s house in Marietta, Georgia.