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Beautiful Walk in the Park

Welcome to my first post on my new website.  We are in the midst of relocating out west.  We are taking some day trips to fill in between the times we can’t get the house dirty or cluttered.  Yesterday we went to Reinstein Woods in Depew, NY.    The Lily Pond was full of the most wonderful pink water lilies.

Lily Pond
Lily Pond at Reinstein Woods

This is a wonderful place for a walk.  The trails are well-marked and level.  We spent about 1.5 hours wandering around watching the deer and birds.  As we walked across a bridge, we saw the turtles sunbathing.  Notice the legs extended to get the full effect of the sun!

Turtles Sunning
Turtles Sunning







I was able to get some pictures for future quilts.  Close-ups of the water lilies and trees with very interesting bark.

We then went for lunch to Kentucky Greg’s Hickory Pit.  Great BBQ.  Terrific smoke and flavor.  After lunch it was on to Glen Falls in Williamsville.  A very nice little park in downtown Williamsville.  With the recent rain, the falls  were falling.  And, two great herons were fishing.  More pictures for potential quilts.

Glen Falls
Glen Falls, Williamson, NY
Heron Fishing
Heron Fishing