Why, Paper Piecing, You Ask?

New Fabric from Batik Textiles
New Fabric from Batik Textiles


I am in the middle of designing a new pattern using these wonderful fabrics by Batik Textiles.  Even though I don’t care for paper piecing, others do.  I want to be able to include a method for paper piecing that makes sense to me.

I have looked at methods by Carol Doak, Mary Knapp, Cynthia England, Jean Biddick and Peggy Martin.  Each has a little different twist, or strategy they follow.

What I have discovered is I have to find a method that works with the way I think and visualize things.  I understand Carol Doak has taught many folks to paper piece.  However, her method is so confusing to me.  I just can’t visualize the fabric in the way she can.  My problem always boils down to the size to cut the fabric piece and how to place it so when it is turned, it fits the angles.  I am always off on the angle.

So, I am still using trial and (many) errors, following directions as well as I can, to see what works for me.

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