Exploring New Territory

Smyth's Oak
Smyth’s Oak, 2010. Owned by Nazareth College

In talking with new members of my art quilt guilds, I realized that some are really new to art quilting.  They are intimidated with the work shown by the more experienced members.  Unsure of how to move forward and develop skills, they become overwhelmed and do not continue attending.  This is a shame for the individual, as well as the club.

Generally quilt club members are very willing to share skills and ideas, but newer folks don’t know what questions to ask. 

I have developed a class that introduces concepts around artistic and creative quilts, explores materials and techniques, introduces elements and principles of design.  and encourages students to explore their interests. The focus will be on inspiration, experimentation, and moving out of a personal comfort zone into a new creative space. 

It is a place to start. 

Teal Spring
Teal Spring, 2012
Photo by Timothy J. Fuss, www.Pixel-Wave.com

Six Sessions, 10:00 am to 1:00 pm,                                        January 27 through June 23, 2017                (fourth Friday of the month except April which is the third Friday, April 21)

Blakeman Vacuum and Sewing, 3175 28th Street #3, Boulder, CO    PH. 303.449.1281

$250 for the series – Register at Blakeman’s store or call for a reservation

3 thoughts on “Exploring New Territory”

  1. Good for you Mary Louise. I just moved to Sacramento and have thought about doing something like that here someday.

  2. Great Idea, Mary Louise! Learning that in art, the artist is the sole authority and decision-maker can be a scary thing. Gaining the “permission” to please oneself is liberating and new to most of us.

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