EQ7: Master the Basics

“I am a hands on learner, so what I liked best was working through the exercises. I also appreciated the references to the EQ 7 manual by page number. The few times I needed clarification it was really easy to go right to the appreciate page. I felt that Mary Louise was encouraging , knowledgeable and responded in a timely manner.”  G.T.

How many times have you seen a quilt design and said to yourself “If this was my design, I would have… .” or, “I wonder what that quilt would look like in blue… .”

Deisgn software for quilts

Electric Quilt™

Electric Quilt 7™ is a software package that helps with all the “what if’s?” It allows quilters to move as fast as their imaginations can dream to create lovely new colorways, fun new blocks, and lovely new quilts.

Electric Quilt 7™ is a high functionality, technically complex program. The EQ manuals necessarily present all information about the program and how to use it, but they can be intimidating, even overwhelming, to those of us less familiar with computers, software programs and software training manuals in general.

Many people purchase EQ and become discouraged because they find the software confusing and hard to understand. Perhaps they figure out how to work some things, but then go away for a while, and upon returning cannot remember what they did or how they did it.

EQ7: Master the Basics

EQ7: Master the Basics is taught by Mary Louise Gerek of MLFiberArts. In the online quilt design class, Mary Louise walks quilters step by step through all the major features of the software in a way that simplifies information found in much greater detail in the EQ manuals.

Shorten the learning curve and reduce frustration with EQ7: Master the Basics. Quickly pick up Electric Quilt 7™ skills as you progress through the modular lessons of this high-tech-made-easy online quilt class in computer-aided design. Mary Louise is personally available to answer questions, discuss projects, and even hold your hand while you work!

Mary Louise designed her quilt Seashells using Electric Quilt 7™, the top quilt design software in the industry. She created an original block, and then flipped and rotated the block. Because EQ 7 allowed her to introduce and change colors, the diagonal secondary design popped out and convinced her to make the quilt. You, too, can learn how to design better and more easily with Electric Quilt 7™, and Mary Louise Gerek teaches you how!

MLG-102 Seashell
MLG-102 Seashell


EQ7 Online Quilt Design Class Content

With Mary Louise guiding you step-by-step, encounter Electric Quilt 7 with her readily available support. She teaches you to use basic tools to draw simple blocks. Together, she helps you put together an original quilt design plan. Learn how to save your work and print everything you need to start sewing. When you are ready, discover more design tools and different ways to draw with this powerful full-vector graphic quilt design program.

In EQ7: Master the Basics, Mary Louise offers many exercises to develop your skills. She encourages students to play fearlessly with the software to learn the functionality within Electric Quilt. She introduces, in simplified form, the role of color in patchwork quilt design, and teaches you how and why designed borders enhance a quilt.

In Electric Quilt 7: Master the Basics, experienced quilt design teacher Mary Louise Gerek teaches you to:

  • Learn the basic Electric Quilt 7 vocabulary,
  • Use the Block and Quilt Worktables and locate their tools,
  • Create and edit blocks by using EasyDraw™ and PatchDraw™ features,
  • Access the blocks, layouts and fabrics in the Electric Quilt Libraries to create stunning quilt designs,
  • Create and edit a quilt, including adding a border or set of borders
  • Print information on blocks and quilts for planning and constructing a project

You can easily post photos of your work, share designs, ask questions of your teacher, Mary Louise, and chat with your classmates. Together you address curiosities and challenges, and move through the discovery and design processes.

We at QuiltEd Online are sure you will enjoy mastering the basics of Electric Quilt 7 with Mary Louise Gerek. If you join in and do the exercises, at the end of the class you will have several block and quilt designs with printed patterns–ready for sewing!

Join the class today, and access the lessons immediately. With continuous access to your QuiltEd Online quilt design class, you can move through the instructions and exercises at your own speed. If life gets in the way–no problem! Take a break and come back whenever you can. Learning at QuiltEd Online is fun and easy, and there is no pressure!

Skill level: All

Electric Quilt 7: Master the Basics is intended for beginners to computer-aided design, but students should be comfortable with computers, software and navigating files. Students from all levels of quilting experience are welcome!

Supply List:

  • Computer
  • Electric Quilt 7, loaded on your computer with a verified license
  • Printer, color if possible but not necessary
  • Paper
  • Ink cartridges
  • Pen and paper (or other software programs) for notes, observations and ideas

Course Ratings from student evaluations:                                                   How was your course?   Better than expected                                           How was the quality of instruction?  Fabulous!

Registration Process

Once you have registered and paid, Mary Louise will send you a link to the website.  You will need to change the password within 24 hours for the link to remain active.  On the home page of the site, you will see a link to the class.  Click on the link and use the password provided by ML.

You will also receive an email regarding the private Facebook group associated with this class.

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