“I have thoroughly enjoyed classes with Mary Louise.  She is organized, yet flexible; professional, yet down-to-earth.  She encourages you to explore your creative side and nudges you gently toward greater things.  As a teacher myself, I can state that Mary Louise Gerek is a master teacher!”  M.B.,  Brighton, NY.

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Quilt Patterns from ML Designs


Playing with Blocks:  1 hour slide/trunk show.

Review of ML’s experience in designing quilts with and without EQ7™.    The show includes patterned and art quilts.  The emphasis is moving from your comfort zone into areas that are not so comfortable; gaining insight on developing your skills and pushing the envelope of creativity.


Basics of Design

All Skill Levels;   1 hour slide/trunk show.

ML discusses the Principles and Elements of design.  She will use her own photographs and quilts as illustration. Participants will have an opportunity to comment on her designs and discuss what makes a design successful.



Expanding Universe
Expanding Universe, 2012
Photo by Julie Brandon

Five Day Workshop;  Skill level: Intermediate.

A course in personal discovery guided by Mary Louise Gerek.  In six sessions, students will explore their own creative interests, learn about new techniques, materials and tools, and start to approach the creative process from an artist’s perspective.  The focus will be on inspiration, experimentation, and moving out of a personal comfort zone into a new creative space.  

Daily Topics: Each with creative assignments to work on in class.


  • Introduction and Self Assessment
  •  Materials, Tools and Construction Techniques
  • Elements of Design
  • Principles of Design
  • Composition – Putting it all Together



Montreal Rose

From Photo to Fabric:  Two Day;    Skill level:  Intermediate;  Requires students to provide an 8″ x 10″ photograph and sewing machine/supplies.

Learn different techniques for transforming your favorite snapshot into a quilt.


Folded Roses  

Rose Trellis


Full Day; All Skill Levels.  Hands on class requires hand and machine sewing.

Learn how to turn fabric into a bouquet of lovely roses by folding and manipulating fabric. In this skill building class, students create six different styles of flowers from fabric, learn machine appliqué, machine quilt the background and couch on stems and leaves.  Much of this class is done by hand, but the quilting, trellis appliqué and couching are done by machine

Rose Trellis Detail




Lecture/Workshop Pricing

Lectures:  1 hour including trunk show  $300

Full Day Workshop: $600 per day plus kit fee (if applicable).            Max people 20 people

1/2 day Workshop: $325 plus kit fee (if applicable).                               Max 20 people

Travel & Accommodations:

Organization is responsible for my travel and room expenses.

Traveling by car – mileage at the federal tax reimbursement rate roundtrip.

Accommodations – Private non-smoking room with own bathroom.

*  Please note:  Any materials/patterns sent ahead of time per sponsor’s request will include shipping charges.

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