Back to Teaching After Seeing the End of the World

My husband and I spent 16 days in December cruising from San Antonio, Chile (after flying into Santiago) to Buenos Aries, Argentina.  What a glorious trip!!

We first sailed along the coast of Chile.  As we sailed south, the days got longer.  It seemed like it never really got dark – only when we were sleeping.

Sunset: Straights of Magellan


We then Rounded the Horn – and the sun actually was shining.  A bit unusual for that part of the world.

Cape Horn


We then went up the Argentine coast, stopping in Montevideo, Uruguay, then on the Argentina.  

Now that we are back, I am gearing up for my next class: Exploring Artistic and Creative Quilting. 

The class starts January 27 and meets every other Saturday for six sessions.  Please check on the Presser Foot website for details.  Please contact me if you have any questions.



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