Electric Quilt 7: Master the Basics



Electric Quilt 7™: Master the Basics enters EQ as the user does, through the workspaces where the design action happens.  As the other resources of EQ are needed, Mary Louise Gerek introduces them in a clear, understandable way with illustrations and exercises to enhance learning. 

A more comprehensive course than most EQ introductory classes, Mary Louise covers EasyDraw™, designing a quilt and printing the resources needed to start a quilt.  Unlike most other introductory classes, students continue on to learn the basics of PatchDraw™ to produce special pieced blocks as well as appliqué designs. 

Electric Quilt 7™: Master the Basics provides beginning computer-aided, quilt design students the opportunity to learn more about EQ7 in a single course, giving a better value with expanded content. 


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