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From New Zealand to Lace

Last week, Anne Hanson was the speaker at the Rochester Knitting Guild.  It got me excited about lace knitting again.  However, I am not letting myself get started on one of her beautiful designs until I finish one UFO.  In itself it is really great- however I am a little tired of it.

We went to New Zealand several years ago.  Knowing they have more sheep than people, I packed lightly so I could bring back yarn.  The first yarn I bought was on the North Island in Rotorua at the Agrodome.

After the Wool Show, I could do nothing but buy yarn.  It was beautiful, soft 2-ply yarn – enough for a wonderful sweater.  Later in the trip, we visited a wool farm with colored sheep (unusual in NZ) on the Otago Peninsula outside of Dunedin on the South Island.
They sold yarn spun from their own wool.  Again, I had to buy after meeting the sheep.  When we got home, I used the colored yarn first to make a sweater for my husband.
I used a pattern from Debbie Bliss Traditional Knitting, one of my all time favorites.  Then I started on mine, got the back and fronts done and put it down for about a year.  Well, I want the sweater for this winter – so I am on the last sleeve.  The pattern is from the same book.
I am on the last sleeve – only three more increases.  Then the saddles for the shoulders, the front band, and I’m DONE!!!  Then I can get on with one of Anne Hanson’s beautiful lace scarfs.
By the way – New Zealand is a wonderful place.  Visit when you can!!