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Almost as soon as I learned to piece quilts, I started designing my own.  This led to art quilting, which I love.  The gallery below is displayed from most recent to oldest.  Those showing a price are for sale.  Please contact me for information and sales.  Payment will be through PayPal with shipping and handling added.


In the Spotlight 2015  Original photo by Timothy J. Fuss
In the Spotlight, 2015
18″ x 16″, $350
Original photo by Timothy J. Fuss

In the Spotlight started as a concert at the Rochester International Jazz Festival.  The stage lights reflected off of the inside of the piano splitting the colors of the spotlights.  With permission of Tim Fuss, the photographer, I altered the photo, had it printed on cotton sateen by Red Dog Enterprises, quilted and beaded it.  The beading enhances the colors of the lights.  Its first showing is A Treasure of Fiber Exhibit by the Rocky Mountain Creative Quilters at Bas Bleu Theatre in Fort Collins, CO, November and December, 2015.


Red Sky
Red Sky, 2013
30″ x 25″

Red Sky grew out of Imagine Red ( see below).  I had some of the fabric left over and wanted to explore the theme further.  The piece is free-motion machine quilted and the ocean waves are embellished with beads.




Windows, 2013
14″ x 9″, $75

Windows is a sculptural piece where I experimented with a double-sided fusible, moldable interfacing.  The fabric was hand-dyed by Judy Robertson.   I used a serger with metallic threads in the loopers to bind the edges.  I found the rock at the gift shop at Skyline Caverns in Front Royal, VA.  This was a fun piece to create.



Abstract Morocco
Abstract Morocco, 2013.
40″ x 34″, $250

Morocco was going to be a blue quilt.  As you can see, that plan did not work.  In auditioning the fabrics for this exercise in turning a photo into a quilt, the blues just did not work.  Inspired by photos from Jardin Majorelle in Marrakesh, Morocco, the shapes morphed as the collage went together.  There is another, blue quilt on the horizon.   We took lots of pictures.




Teal Spring
Teal Spring, 2012
42″ X 36″, $1200
Photo by Timothy J. Fuss,

Teal Spring was inspired by a poem written by Kitty Jospé that is now titled “Spring”.  The quilt was shown in the Winter’s End show by the Rochester Area Fiber Artists.  Kitty also chose the quilt to be on the cover of her book Mosaicq. 





Imagine Red
Imagine Red, 2012
46″ x 44″, $1280
Photo by Timothy J. Fuss,

The companion piece to Teal Spring is Imagine Red. Based on another poem by Kitty Jospé now called “Gathering Lines”.  It is the title poem to her self published book, Gathering Lines.  Again, Kitty honored the quilt by putting it on the cover of the book.   Working with a poet in collaboration was such a joy. 






Expanding Universe
Expanding Universe, 2012
36″ x 36″ x 36″,  $450
Photo by Julie Brandon

In Expanding Universe,I explored 3-D quilting by building a möbius strip universe.  My inspiration was a piece of hand-dyed cotton by Judy Robertson.  It took two years to gather the courage to cut into the fabric.  However, I really love the results.  Two more are still rattling around my head.  This hangs in my living room. 






No Fracking in My Backyard, 2011 $450
No Fracking in My Backyard, 2011
43″ x 28″, $450

No Fracking In My Backyard was my attempt at visualizing the damage that could be done to the Finger Lakes region of New York if the state allows hydrofracking of natural gas to go forward.  The hills and lakes of the region are beautiful and enjoyed by New Yorkers and visitors alike.  My understanding is fracking pollutes air and water, the heavy trucks tear up roads and create noise in small, quiet communities.  Generally, labor is imported from other drilling states, limiting the number of local jobs created.  This quilt has been on display in the Sierra Club tent at GreenTopia in Rochester, NY, 2011.  It was an invited work at Spoken Threads: Craftivist Fiber Art at the ArtRage Gallery in Syracuse, NY, 2013.



Grand Prismatic Hot Springs I
Grand Prismatic Hot Springs I
30″ x 30″
Photo by Marcia Birken

We traveled to Yellowstone National Park a few years ago.  I was stunned by the colors of the hot springs.  One that particularly captured by imagination was Grand Prismatic Hot Springs.  I bought a postcard with an aerial picture by Larry Meyer from Montana.  He granted me permission to use his photo as inspiration for my quilt Grand Prismatic I.





Grand Prismatic II, Photo by Timothy J Fuss
Grand Prismatic II
36″ x 37″, $350
Photo by Timothy J Fuss


I also took my own pictures at Yellowstone.  The view of Grand Prismatic Hot Springs is much different than the aerial perspective.  You see the algae up close, and see the change of colors as the water changes temperature.







Night Music
Night Music, 2005

My first art  quilt was Night Music, a quilt inspired by the 2005 Rochester International Jazz Festival.  The music from those wonderful musicians mixed together and rose through the darkness.  This quilt remains in my personal collection.

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